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ZIPBOLT (TM) Zipbolt Pty Ltd is a company focused on innovative and original solutions for a broad range of woodworking industries, in particular is the field of connectors where the benefit to the user is increased production efficiency and ease of use. The program of connectors now known as Zipbolt UT (Universal Technology) is suitable for use in cabinet making, furniture assembly, stair building, kitchen, joineries and DIY. Founded in 2002 by inventor Milan Pilja, Zipbolt has accumulated a growing number of distributors throughout the world as their customers discover the benefits of the Zipbolt and it's innovative gear driven design. The simplicity of using an Inbus (Allen) key to drive a connector at a right angle with very high torque option and also have the benefit of adjustability is what differentiates the Zipbolt UT from any other product.