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EFFEGI BREVETTI was founded in 1964 in the north of Italy and since that time distinguishes from the competitors with innovative products. EFFEGI BREVETTI allows the customers to choose new ways and has set a vast number of trends which have influenced the furniture- production all over the world. Lift-mechanisms for furniture-doors Opening-mechanisms for parallel doors Sliding-Door systems for plane doors PUSH TO OPEN systems Levellers with cross-slot gear-drive are only a few examples. The cooperation with AHT-Beschläge GmbH, which has assumed the German exclusivity representation in 1994, has contributed to the completion of an impressive product-range, which combines elegant Italian Design with German quality-consciousness. The predominant part of the EFFEGI BREVETTI product-range is covered by European or worldwide patents. An experienced team of engineers as well as the use of ultramodern production-equipment for zamak die-cast, plastic die-cast, turning-mills for brass- and steel-wire, automatic working- centres for the working of aluminium profiles and different fully-automatic assembling-machines are the guarantee for the future success.
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